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Learn French in France!

Learn French where it is spoken and enjoy everything France has to offer — from Paris to the French countryside and so much more. No matter if you are planning a holiday course or an intensive language training - we help you find the right language school.

Glamour and sandy beaches at the French Riviera, student life in Montpellier or picturesque vineyards in Provence, mountain biking in the French alps - a wide range of French cities and destinations are of your choice. 

It is our aim to offer solid, objective advice to anyone planning to take a French course in France. We advise all our clients individually and only suggest schools and courses that match their needs and wishes.

Benefit from our Experience: You will be individually advised. You will receive several suggestions to choose from. You will quickly find your way to the course best suited to your needs. Our advice is free.

We help clients find first rate language schools for children a well as for adults. For young learners, we can suggest quality schools with host family accommodation as well as boarding schools. We will help with solutions for clients from as young as six to „ young adults“ aged 16-20.  

For adults there is a wide range of destinations available. The schools will offer courses at several different levels. There are also courses tailored to specific professions and to particular age groups, such as 50+ courses.  
We are experts when it comes to French courses, no matter whether your interest is General French or Business French. 

When we suggest schools to you, we shall always consider criteria such as group size, age structure, and a good mixture of participants with different mother tongues. We also know which schools are competent at teaching French for children.

We are happy to advise you on travel arrangements and on attractive destinations to visit while you are in France.

The schools provide accommodation in host families, boarding schools, shared flats or residences. We help you to chose and transfer your wishes to the school.

You would like to learn French or improve your French?

We are happy to give you free advice! Learn French in France.

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